Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coin Roll Hunting: Nickel Bank Box Break #3

I purchased a box of nickels from my bank and these are the results:

  • Pre 1959: 9
  • Silver War Nickels: 0
  • "S" Mint Marks: 8
  • 2009: 0
  • Total EF - BU Coins For Albums: 125
  • Key Find(s): 1939, 1954D(AU)

Verdict: Since I was shorted in the last box, I picked up this lot at another branch.  The teller seemed confused when I inquired about a box and asked "how much that was?".  So I ended up with $100 in customer rolls.  I was a little worried about the quality I might receive from these since I've been getting terrible condition coins in customer rolls lately.  After opening several of these rolls, I got the feeling these were already searched.  This was later validated when I looked at the total numbers. There were no war nickels, 2009 dates, and very little pre 1959.  Normally this would of been a complete waste of time; except I did find some great coins!  The previous roll hunter left me a complete run of BU 1990 - 2004 (P & D), most 2005 - 2012 in BU, and many 1980's in BU.  I was able to fill a large chunk of my uncirculated set, and upgrade some other pieces!  Even my circulated set go some nice upgrades.


  1. Great post. I hate it when I am shorted on a box as well. It happened to me once on a box of pennies and I have been a bit paranoid since.

    Nice finds on the BU 1980s and 1990-2004 coins! It is always nice to find older circulated coins in good condition, particularly when you are trying to complete a set. Do you usually find a lot of war nickels? I am from Canada and I am still waiting patiently for the day that I come across my first one. Look forward to your next update and good luck on your future finds!

  2. Yeah, I took a small break b/c the shortage, but I'm back to full steam. I'm going to write a few posts later. As for war nickels, I usually find 1 per box ($100) searched.