Thursday, March 22, 2012

2 Roll Dime Break

I purchased 2 rolls of dimes from the bank and these are my results:

  • Pre 1969  EF - AU : 0
  • Silver Coins (1964 - Older): 0
  • Total EF - AU Coins For Albums: 6
  • Key Find(s): 2010P (Unc)

Verdict: I've toyed around with collecting a set of circulated dimes and decided to get a couple of rolls from the bank.  If anything, the potential for silver coins sounded tempting.  The 2 rolls I opened were customer rolled dimes.  One thing I noticed with these coins, was the considerable amount of wear they displayed. Many of the coins has rust spots on them or were badly discolored.  The copper was showing through many of the pieces.  After searching the 100 coins, I found 6 I might want to keep for a collection.  To be fair, these 2 rolls may have come from the same person, so I can't give a good determination of the series.  I may take another stab at this run in the future.

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