Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Are My Motives?

Not long ago, I started thinking about ways to diversify my net worth while protecting myself against inflation.  I thought about investing in gold, but I am currently priced out of that market.  I also thought about silver and did buy some, but it is not cheap and there is a premium being associated with each transaction.  I wanted to get into a metal cheaply like the silver coins being minted in the early 1960's (1964 and back).

The current silver colored coins being minted in the U.S. today are copper-nickel clad.  Given the composition, weight, and denomination the current nickel could be a good investment. The nickel currently contains between $.05-$.07 of copper-nickel clad.  Another option would be to sort though pennies and save all cents minted 1981 and older as these are 95% copper. The nice thing about saving nickels is there is no sorting required.  All nickels in circulation currently have the same composition.  This may change in the next year or so as the government is investigating alternative metals.  The US Mint spends more to create the nickel than it is worth.

I currently search rolls of cents and nickels.  These are the items I am saving from the "hunt".

Nickels - Everything!  Nickels are currently made of 75% copper & 25% Nickel (Until further notice that is!).  I am also working on 2 Jefferson 1938 - Date sets with my kids.  This has proven to be a fun activity.

Cents - I am currently saving all pre 1981 cents for the copper value, high quality cents for a couple of albums we are doing as a family, and sorting certain dates for inspection of errors.

 I plan to post my finds here and hope to here from others as they set out on this low overhead treasure hunt!

Resources I have found useful:

Striking It Rich With Pocket Change

A Guidebook Of Lincoln Cents

Complete Guide To Buffalo And Jefferson Nickels

Coin Show Radio

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