Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coin Roll Hunting: 50 Roll Cent Bank Box Break # 6

I purchased a 50 roll box of cents from my bank and these are the results:

  • Wheat Cents: 17
  • Canadian Cents: 4
  • "S" Mint Marks: 0
  • Copper Lincoln Memorial Cents: 26%
  • Total AU - BU Coins For Albums: 35
  • Key Find(s): 1956D Toned Purple, Red(AU)  1962 Proof 

Verdict: These were machine rolled cents. The box had good copper results and there was a nice number of wheat cents with some rolls having 2.  This box provided slightly better Canadian Cent results than my last, but the curse of the Canadian Small Cent folder seems to be going strong.  As usual, there were multiple corroded and "road pennies" in this lot.  For the first time, I was skunked on "S" mint marks.  My favorite cent in this box was a monster toned 1956D with purple and red.

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