Monday, April 16, 2012

Coin Roll Hunting: 50 Roll Cent Bank Box Break # 7

I purchased a 50 roll box of cents from my bank and these are the results:

  • Wheat Cents: 5
  • Canadian Cents: 1
  • "S" Mint Marks: 2
  • Copper Lincoln Memorial Cents: 38% (5% not infected)
  • Total AU - BU Coins For Albums: 12
  • Key Find(s): 1959(BU), 1967(BU), 1968(BU), 1970D(BU), 1971(BU)

Verdict: For the first time picking up cent bank boxes, the teller only had customer rolled cents.  I was excited to see what they might produce.  My excitement quickly faded after I open a few of the rolls.  A large number of coins were infected with verdigris. This box would of produced the best copper results to date except most were infected and were promptly placed in the return pile.  The curse of the Canadian Small Cent folder still is going strong.  If the large amount of verdigris wasn't bad enough, there were ample quantities road pennies. My favorite cent in this box was a BU 1959.

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