Friday, April 20, 2012

Coin Roll Hunting: Nickel Bank Box Break

I purchased a box of nickels from my bank and these are the results:

  • Pre 1959: 17
  • Silver War Nickels: 1 (1943P)
  • "S" Mint Marks: 3
  • 2009:  2 (2009P (AU) 2009D (Rusted))
  • Total EF - AU Coins For Albums: 158
  • Key Find(s): 1938 (EF) 1941, 1943P, 1962 (BU) 2009 (AU)

Verdict: After the last couple of bad lots of customer rolls, I decided to get a bank box to help reduce the chance of receiving other CRH's tailings. I'm sold on getting nickel boxes although the initial cost is more than I've been spending.  Also, there is a lot more back end work cashing in all of the unwanted coins.  For the first time, I pulled a silver war nickel and two 2009s (even though one of the 2009s had to go to the scrap pile for condition).  While there were still some rusted, run over, and corroded pieces, the percentage was much lower than the customer rolls I've been searching.

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