Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jefferson Nickels An Underrated Series

When I first started collecting coins, Jefferson Nickels was the first series I assembled.  At first, I started with roll searching.  Some of the results are posted on this site.  After several months of collecting and reading some of the forums such as Coin Talk and Coin Community, I chose to upgrade my set to uncirculated coins.

I passed the coins from roll searching to kids which they enjoy looking at.  Jefferson Nickels are not hard to find from dealers.  What is hard to find is quality coins for a bargain.  The war nickels which are 35% silver are hard to find nice for under $100 a set.  Also, the 1942D and 1939D usually have a higher price tag with them.  The low mintage 1950D can be found almost anywhere at a good price.  These coins were hoarded as soon as they came out so most of the mintage survives in BU.

It took about a year for me to assemble this set.  I still don't have a 1997 Satin Proof, proofs prior to 1954, or varieties.  My set is housed in a Dansco Album and I added extra pages to include the proof from 1954 - 1964, SMS coins, Stain Mint Set coins, and the 1994 Matte Proof Coin.  Below are some photos of the set.  I will be updating these photos often as I experiment with different lighting and equipment.  

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