Friday, December 4, 2015

Making Money on eBay Selling Coins

For a while, I was actively buying coin lots on eBay to flip and earn money to purchase new coins for my collection. I can be hard to find a deal good enough to make money on eBay because of all the fees associated with doing so. Both eBay and Paypal will take their cut from your sale. About a year ago, I purchased a couple of silver Roosevelt Dime sets in Dansco Albums (1946 - 1964). These coins had very attractive toning and the price was right. I sold many of the common coins for around $20 each. These generally bring $3-$5 untoned. This price provided me to make a profit selling these and the proceeds went to my commemorative silver dollar set.

Photographing toned coins can be difficult with capturing both the coin's luster and color. I have included some photos from this lot below. I was in the very beginning state of photographing coins so these photographs are pretty terrible. I'll try to find photos of the individual coins. One thing to remember about selling coins is once they're gone...They're gone. I really wouldn't of minded keeping a very nicely tone set of silver Roosevelt Dimes in a nice white Capital plastics holder!

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