Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thinning Out My Coin Collection

In my quest for completeness, I accumulated a large amount of coin albums that I "HAD" to fill.  Not only did I try to fill the labeled holes, but I bought blank Dansco pages to add early proof and the satin mint set coins from 2005 -2010.  My the collection I was building was fairly nice, but I started running into several problems.

The collection was growing too large.  The space required to properly store my coins kept growing.  This included needing to keep purchasing new albums and totes to store them.  Next brings the issue of weight.  Everything was getting too heavy.  It was a chore to even look at my albums.  Pulling out all of my bins and find the albums I was looking for was too much.  I didn't even want to look at the coins anymore.

The next issue was cost.  The mint keeps releasing new issues every year and getting more creative with them.  2015 was the year of the reverse proof coin.  This was the straw the broke my collecting back.  It would not be possible for me to continue buying all of these sets to keep up.  I had to be more selective on my collecting pursuits.

Below I have documented what I have sold and what I have kept.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may want to consider a coin spring cleaning.

Presidential Dollars Dansco Album P&D Unc
Presidential Dollars Dansco Album Proof
2 Extra Ike Dollar Dansco Alum W/Proof Sets Unc
Roosevelt Dime W/Proof Dansco set Unc
Indian Heat Dansco Album Half Set (No Keys VF)
Buffalo Nickel Dansco Album Half Set (No Keys VG)
Custom Dansco Album Barber & Mercury Dime Majority set (No Keys VG-VF)
Barber Quarter Dansco Album Half Set (No Keys VG-F)
Walking Liberty Half Dansco Album Half Set (No Keys F-VF)
Whitman 20th Centry Type Set Album (70% Complete Most Unc)
Liberty V Nickel Half Dansco Album Half Set VG (No Keys)
Hundreds of Mint set/Proof set extras.  (I got these below face, most sold some spent)
Nice Susan B. Anthony sets
Sacajawea / Native American PDS Set 

On The Fence:
Washington Quarter Dansco (Still need many silver coins in Unc)
State Quarter set P&D&S&S in 2 Dansco Albums (Not sure if I want to keep this)
Franklin Half Dansco Album - Very nice, but not sure on these
Kennedy Half Dansco Album with Proof - Not sure if I want to continue.  This series may never end.

My Smaller Collection:
Uncirculated Commemorative Silver Dollars - Missing 5 of the tougher coins
Jefferson Nickel Dansco P&D + Proofs - My first collection.  Beautiful coins all Unc
Dansco 7070 Album - Gives me a little of everything.  I'm turning more into a type collector as time goes by
Ike Dollar with Proof Dansco - What's not to like about Ike!

Update 1/11/16:
I sold off my State Quarter collection to pay for a home repair.  I also desided to keep my Washington Quarters, Franklin & Kennedy Halves.  I've even added to the Franklins and picked up a nice toner album of Washingtons.  I'll pick through the new Washingtons over the next few weeks (to add them to my currently album) and sell off the rest.

Update 2/5/16:
I pieced out my Kennedy on eBay.  I also sold off my proof Franklins and a real nice 1953-1955 proof set run in a Capital Plastics holder.  I'm going to stick with nice Unc Franklin Halves.  They really look nice in the album. 

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